Next Steps

Before you went on your Chrysalis experience, you probably had been living most of your Christian life through your family and church.  Now you have grown to be able to recognize the difference between humanly motivated experience and one motivated by God.  So what can you do now to continue that experience?

    Recall the Points to Remember after your flight...

  • Chrysalis is only one of many instruments of God's world.  Do not go home with a "holier-than-thou" attitude or believe Chrysalis has made you perfect.  You've only just begun and are still on your journey to a more mature faith!
  • Chrysalis is not necessary for salvation.  There are many other great programs and paths for people to come to Christ.  Not everyone has to attend.  Salvation is about a relationship with Christ, not membership in the Chrysalis "Club"!
  • Behave in a Christlike manner when with other Chrysalis friends.  Don't form Chrysalis cliques or just spend time with your friends from Chrysalis now.  Share your love in new ways and extend your friendship to new people.
  • Do not act secretively about Chrysalis.  It is not a secret society.  Acting secretively harms Chrysalis and turns people off from wanting to participate.  Openly share your experiences and what it meant to you to attend!
  • Offer your services to your pastor, youth leader, or campus minister.  Support your church leaders and see how you can help, but avoid being critical of their plans and programs.
  • When you want spiritual counsel or need to talk over a spiritual matter in your life, go first to your pastor or youth leader.  Your friends and the adults from your Chrysalis experience may be able and willing to help you continue on your spiritual journey, but remember your spiritual guides and servants are your church leaders.  Be courteous and patient when seeking assistance from them.  You are one of many people they serve and Chrysalis does not make you more special than another person.
  • Make your participation in your church your first priority for your Christian service.  Chrysalis works with the church for your Christian maturity, not without the church.
  • Participate in the other Chrysalis activities... all listed below!  Chrysalis doesn't give you everything you need for spiritual growth in three days.  It starts you on a journey of transformation you can continue in many ways.  You have only just begun.

    Attend a Next Steps Group or Reunion Group

  • Next Steps Groups are small groups of young people who have been on a Chrysalis Flight or Journey.  The groups are designed to keep the spirit of the Chrysalis weekend alive and staying in relationship to help one another live in the light of God's love as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Contact your church or sponsor about Next Steps Groups, or check out our Upcoming Events to see if there is one posted near you!


    Attend RUSHs (ReUnitingServantHearts, formerly called HOOTS)

  • RUSHs are larger, less frequent gatherings of all the young people and adults in the area who have participated in Chrysalis for the purpose of renewing relationships, rekindling the fire of faith, and planning to support the upcoming Chrysalis weekends.


Sponsor a friend or family member on a Chrysalis Flight/Journey or Emmaus Walk

  • CCC needs sponsors and caterpillars!  If you would like to sponsor someone to go on a Chrysalis Flight/Journey, you can read about how in the Sponsorship section and then work on the Sponsor Application!  If you need help with sponsorship, you can contact one of the CCC Board Members, one of the Clergy at your church, or even your own sponsor.


Serve on a Chrysalis or Emmaus Team!

Make and send in Agape, Agape letters and placemats for upcoming flights!

  • Agape can be brought directly to the Flight/Journey location, or you can talk to a team member about bringing it with them.

Make an Agape Monetary Donation to the Cradle Chrysalis Community

  • Monetary donations are always welcome and can be used as scholarship money to help Caterpillars attend their flights!  Check out the Contact Information page for the CCC mailing address or e-mail the Community Lay Director about making your donation.


Attend a flights Saturday night Candlelight Service!

  • Make sure to check the Upcoming Events page for the dates and locations of upcoming flights, and be sure to check in with your friends and fellow Emmaus community members to see if you can carpool to the location!