Attending a Chrysalis Flight

What you will need on your Flight:

    - Sheets and Pillow(s) or a Sleeping Bag
    The sleeping arrangements are bunk-house style with bare twin-size mattresses on a wooden frame
    - Toiletries - soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.
    - Casual Clothes for 3 days
    (Shorts and T-Shirts or comfortable clothes)
    - Any prescription medications (These must be administered by a person designated to keep track and administer these for all campers.  Medications must be checked in at the registration desk upon arrival.)
    - A Bible


What you need to apply for a Flight:
- Complete the Chrysalis Flight Application
Make sure to read all the instructions!
(This is a computerized PDF form.  Please type in all your answers, print it out, and sign all the required areas.)
    - A Sponsor who has attended a Chrysalis Flight, Chrysalis Journey or Emmaus Walk
Things NOT to Bring on your Flight: 

- Electronic Devices - Cell Phones, Music Players, Electronic Games, etc.
- Watches
(Yes, these may be confiscated!  And returned at the end of the weekend, of course.)