What is Chrysalis?

Chrysalis is a 3-day "Basic Christianity" course designed to foster leadership and spiritual growth in youth.  There are two types of Chrysalis weekends, and an adult "Emmaus Walk" weekend.
  1. Chrysalis Flight for High School young adults, ages 15-18
  2. Chrysalis Journey for College-Age young adults, ages 18-24
    1. Most often, flights and journeys may be combined into one weekend.
  3. Walk to Emmaus for adults, ages 21 and over
  • Each participant is assigned to a "Table," a small group of 4-6 participants ("Caterpillars") and team members (a Youth Table Leader and an Adult Table Leader) that work together throughout the entire weekend
  • There are 15 Talks over the Chrysalis weekend - 5 by Clergy, 5 by Adult Team Members, and 5 by Youth Team Members.  These talks are:
    • Ideals, God Designed You, Faith, God Loves You, The Prodigal
    • Communication through Prayer, Christian Growth through Study, God's Gift to You,
      Christian Marriage, God Sustains You
    • Christian Action, Single Life, God Empowers You, The Priesthood of All Believers, Next Steps
  • After each talk, the tables have a group discussion about the topic of the talk.
  • At the end of each day, each table presents a creative summary (poster, song, skit, etc.) of what they talked about and learned at their table that day.
  • And of course, there's lots of music, food, games, downtime, worship, daily communion, more food...
  • If you would like to join the Cradle Chrysalis Community and attend a flight, talk to the Clergy at your church about attending and finding a sponsor or e-mail the CCC Lay Director.  And check out our Attending a Flight/Journey page!