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The Upper Room: Chrysalis

  • Before it becomes a butterfly, a caterpillar goes through a growth stage during which it is called a "chrysalis." On the surface it may not look like much is happening, but the delicate chrysalis process changes the fuzzy caterpillar into an awesome butterfly with wings of intricate designs and intense colors. The chrysalis process symbolizes how Christ can transform you into something beyond your dreams. It happens when you grow beyond yourself, opening your life to Jesus' power and love.

Cradle of Texas Emmaus Community

  • Walk to Emmaus webpage for the Cradle of Texas Community based in Lake Jackson, TX.

Houston Chrysalis Community

  • In the process of being geographically restructured.  Cradle Chrysalis Community was formerly part of the Houston Chrysalis Community.  It was divided into the Cradle Chrysalis Community and the Houston West Chrysalis Community.

Houston West Chrysalis Community Website and Facebook Page

  • Formerly part of Houston Chrysalis Community, HWCC serves the West Houston area for Chrysalis flights.

Kairos Prison Ministry

  • The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to bring Christ's love and forgiveness to all incarcerated individiauls, their families and those who work with them, and to assist in the transition of becoming a productive citizen.

Epiphany Ministries of Texas

  • The mission of Epiphany Ministry of Texas is to facilitate change in the lives of young men and women incarcerated in Juvenile Justice Facilities.  God's love is manifested through a three day short course in Christianity and an on-going follow-up process to those incarcerated youth known as "Stars."

Directions to J Bar J Ranch

Directions to Camp Mohawk

Directions to Lady of Lourdes Retreat