Cradle Chrysalis Community's #1 need is Sponsors!

Anyone who has attended a 3-Day Chrysalis or Emmaus event can be a sponsor for both Chrysalis or Emmaus events.

    What is Sponsorship?

  • The aim of sponsorship is the same as the aim of Chrysalis: the spiritual growth of young Christians as disciples of Jesus Christ through churches and their youth groups.  It is motivated by hopes that friends will experience the accepting and healing grace of God through Christian community, develop relationships with others living as Christians, and strengthen them to follow Jesus and become better prepared to live as Christian witnesses.

Who Can I Sponsor?

  • High School Chrysalis Flights are for young people, ages 15-18.
  • College-Aged Chrysalis Journeys are for young adults, ages 19-24. 
  • This group can choose to attend a Chrysalis Journey with college-aged young adults, or they can attend an adult Emmaus Walk.
  • Emmaus Walks are for adults, over age 18.

Who is Chrysalis for?  How do I know someone is ready?

  • Young people who are attending church and youth groups
  • Leaders in the church youth group
  • Mature youth and leaders on campus
  • Youth with fledgling faith or limited Christian background
  • Youth in the church who are not involved in youth group activities
  • Chrysalis is for young people who are ready to think about the realities and struggles of life on a more adult level: "What am I going to do with my life?"  "Who do I want to become?"  "What do I believe?"  What kinds of relationships are lasting and meaningful?"  "What does it mean to live as a Christian and how can I do it?"

How do I sponsor someone?

  • Plan with other sponsors to sponsor more than one young person from your church so they will have others to share their experience and Next Steps.
  • Pray about those you would like to sponsor and others God would lead you to sponsor.
  • Read and complete the Sponsorship Application about the candidate you wish to sponsor.
  • Share information about Chrysalis, how it benefited you, and some of what happens during and after the weekend.  Share this information with their parents or guardians as well.  Provide information and assurance.
  • Extend an invitation to attend a weekend.  Explain the cost.  Have the attitude that you are giving them a wonderful gift, rather than that they "need" to go.  Ask them for a commitment by filling out the registration form.
  • Collaborate with another person as a cosponsor so you both get more experience at sponsorship.
  • Make preparations for the young person.  Continue to pray for them.  Enlist the support of your church family.  Collect 10-12 Agape letters.  Do not ask the team to deliver personal gifts from yourself or anyone else during the weekend.  Make sure your Caterpillar knows what to bring for the weekend.
  • Make sacrifices for the young person.  Plan to handle any any responsibilities for the person while they are gone - feeding the dog, moving the yard, baby-sitting, etc.  Think about what you can do to help them go to their Chrysalis weekend without worrying about what they will come home to.
  • Support Chrysalis during the three days.  Sign up for the 72-hour prayer clock, be present at Sponsors' Hour, Candlelight and Closing.  Invite their parents to Send Off, Sponsors' Hour and/or Closing.  Prepare the parents for the nature of the Closing experience.
  • Encourage new "Butterflies" to join Next Steps groups.
  • Take your "Butterfly" to RUSHs or Gatherings.
  • Help new "Butterflies" act on new commitment.  Encourage them to share their experiences and get involved with their church and community.
  • Help new "Butterflies" be sponsors.  Assist them the first time they sponsor someone else.  Make sure they know the responsibilities and expectations of sponsors.  Above all, be a model sponsor yourself and set a good example.